This major is mainly focused on training talents for the software industry featuring in engineering education in conception, design, development, and operation and maintenance of software system. It is devoted to develop students’ good social morality and professional ethics, who are equipped with basic natural sciences literacy and social science and humanity literacy. Students are trained to become application-oriented software engineering professionals, who are expected to possess fine engineer’s quality, solid theoretical foundation and professional knowledge in software engineering, strong practical innovation and teamwork ability, social responsibility and international perspective, and ability in continuous growth. The graduates should be capable of working in high-tech companies, enterprises, institutions and local governments for computer software development, embedded software development, mobile terminal application development, database development, etc.

The core courses include: Programming Basis, Digital Logic Circuit, Circuit Analysis Basis, Analog Electronic Circuit, JAVA Language Program Design, Data Structure and Algorithm, Operating System Principle and Practice, Database System Principle and Practice, Computer Network, Computer Composition Principle, Software Engineering Introduction, Software System Design and Architecture, Software Testing and Quality, Software Process and Management, Human-computer Interaction Software Engineering Method, Embedded Microprocessor Structure and Application, Linux Program Design, Web Front-end Development and Design , Signals and Systems, Mobile Internet Development, Java Web Development, Digital Image Processing Fundamentals, Automatic Control Principles, Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals, Detection and Conversion Technologies, Big Data Principles and Practice, Game Engine Design and Development, Robotics, Algorithm Design and Analysis , Embedded Systems and Applications, Distributed Systems and Security, Primary Software Design Implementation, Advanced Software Design Implementation.