On 21 November 2019, the School of Software organized lecture series of senior experience sharing in 106 meeting room, and invented Chen Bingzhi the alumni of class 17 and PhD student of Harbin Institute of Technology delivered a lecture about opportunities and challenges on the era of Artificial intelligence (AI). Dean of School of Software Zeng Biqing, alumni of class 19 Gan Wensheng, counselors Li Ping and students of class 19 attended the lecture.


During the lecture, Biqing Zeng expressed a warm welcome and briefly introduced the guest. Afterwards, Chen Bingzhi introduced the history of AI since 1950. Also, he was talking about research status and application fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CN), Speech Recognition (SR) and Robotics. Chen Bingzhi shared opportunities and challenges on AI technology he has been facing. According to this lecture, students have a deeper understanding of AI, as well as they felt inspired and innovative.